Enabling BYOD

The case supporting bring-your-own-devices to work is compelling. Employees are more responsive and productive. Using personal devices is more convenient with a single device and the cost of the device can be shared between an organization and their employees. The InfoExpress CGX solution provides you a means of detecting BYOD devices and users, configuring a secure communication channel to your infrastructure, and limiting access based on how trusted and compliant the devices are.

Ready or not
Using personal devices at work presents additional challenges, even if the organization does not officially allow these devices to be used in the workplace. Even if your organization is not yet ready to embrace the BYOD trend, you must still be able to restrict employee devices that find their way onto the network and present a risk and address the huge number and variety of new devices employees are bringing to work.

The vast majority of these personal devices are mobile and move from network to network, have unrestricted internet access and can have any amount of unverified software or apps installed. Unsuspecting employees can easily introduce malware to an organization by simply connecting to the network using their corporate credentials.

The shortened lifecycle for mobile devices results in higher device turnover, increasing the frequency of needing to register and configure personal devices, adding to the number of devices the IT department must help configure. Organizations must be able to detect and track both their own devices as well as employee devices.

Trust and compliance
In order to protect sensitive applications and data, organizations must determine how to verify and "trust," not just based on user, but also on what device is being used. More access to sensitive resource should only be given to users on devices that can be verified or trusted. Less verified devices should be limited to less sensitive resources. Various levels of trust can be established and enforced. For example:

- Unknown devices are not trusted and receive no access
- Self-registered devices receive limited access to less sensitive resources (internet, some intranet)
- Devices flagged by IT as more trusted can receive additional access (some applications)
- Devices checked for compliance could receive full access

CGX BYOD solution
The CGX BYOD solution helps your IT team provide the highest quality of service to customers while minimizing your workload by:

- Automating the process of on-boarding and configuring BYOD devices
- Automatically identifying devices not owned by the organization
- Supporting self-registration of personal devices
- Tracking registered devices

Devices that fail policy requirements or users who are violating access policies can be blocked, restricted or flagged with a notification.

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