CyberGatekeeper Remote Benefits

CyberGatekeeper Remote Benefits

The CyberGatekeeper Remote appliance only lets remote PCs access the production network if they comply with policies. With centralized policy updates, CyberGatekeeper makes it straightforward for administrators to manage and deploy network access control for remote access VPNs and remote sites.

CyberGatekeeper Remote is part of the CyberGatekeeper family, which provides comprehensive network access control for the corporate network, remote users, and endpoint systems.

Key Features and Benefits



Full NAC solution Only allows authorized users and endpoints to access the network. Controls guest access, performs automatic remediation, and checks OS and endpoint configuration and updates. Supports remote locations and remote access VPNs.
In-line Enforcement Controls network access by filtering traffic in-line. When using the in-line bridge enforcement for remote access VPNs, CyberGatekeeper is situated between the remote access VPN and the corporate network.
Central Policy Management Administrators use a central policy manager to develop, deploy and manage policies. The policy manager lets administrators use the included tests, or customize tests to meet specific requirements.
Continuous Monitoring and Enforcement CyberGatekeeper monitors continuously, ensuring devices remain compliant at all times. Devices that become non-compliant are immediately quarantined.
Centralized Policy Management Uses a centralized policy management approach to develop, deploy and manage policies centrally. Provides higher levels of security, availability and performance throughout the entire network.
Automatic and Manual Remediation Non-compliant devices are quickly repaired through automated and interactive remediation options. These options can display messages or install updates to repair the system.
Vigilant Network Monitoring Network gatekeeping system monitors network 24x7 to offer peace of mind security. Non-compliant and infected systems are not allowed onto the network and systems that become non-compliant are kicked off the network.
Automated Remediation Process Infected or non-compliant devices are quickly put through an automated remediation process to minimize down time and safe re-entry to network.
Guest Support Dynamic agents can be run from Firefox or Internet Explorer, allowing guests to access the network.