Requiring No Network Changes, InfoExpress Peer-based NAC is Easy to Deploy and Manage while Ensuring a Deep Level of Protection for the Kelly College Network

Mountain View, Calif., April 22, 2008 - InfoExpress, a leading network security solutions provider, announced today that Kelly College in Devon, UK has selected InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper with Dynamic Network Access Control (DNAC) to protect the college network. A growing number of Kelly College students want to connect to the College network after hours, and the InfoExpress Dynamic NAC solution will monitor and control network access via student-owned PCs.

"The College provides F-Secure Internet Security software to students for installation on their own PCs, however we need to check that the software truly is installed, operational and up-to-date before they connect with the network," said Adrian Raymond, network manager, Kelly College. "While we must ensure the protection of our students and the network, Kelly College cannot commit IS resources to complex system changes, and the InfoExpress solution solves the dilemma for us," Raymond added.

Kelly College looked for an effective, cost-efficient solution and chose the peer-based approach offered by Dynamic NAC. Dynamic NAC is the only end-point integrity solution that can be deployed with no network changes, thus providing medium-sized organizations like Kelly College a deep level of inspection from an enterprise-class NAC solution that is easy to use and manage.

Kelly College purchased the Dynamic NAC solution from InfoExpress partner Armana Systems LLP in the UK. "There is strong demand for a NAC solution that can meet security requirements immediately, scale to meet future demand, and yet is easy to install, and these criteria were key factors for Kelly College," said Paul Godden, Managing Director at Armana Systems.

One of the capabilities that separate InfoExpress' Dynamic NAC solution from other more complicated and costly network access control offerings is its reliance on an organization's distributed network. "Dynamic NAC turns qualified, secure PCs into NAC enforcers which can detect, quarantine and remediate rogue endpoints and unhealthy PCs," said Godden. "At Kelly College, Dynamic NAC checks that the College-supplied F-Secure Internet Security software is installed, operational, and up to date and ensures that no rogue PCs can connect to the College network. Once the solution is in place, Dynamic NAC may also be used to harvest back the F-Security and Dynamic NAC agents automatically at the end of the school year," Godden stated.

Kelly College will gain the peace of mind of network access control while avoiding the complicated and costly deployments that have become hallmarks of the NAC industry. "InfoExpress Dynamic NAC can be deployed in hours, as opposed to months, and requires no changes to the network. It is also a great match for organizations like colleges and enterprises that are dealing with highly distributed environments," said Stacey Lum, CEO of InfoExpress. "With Dynamic NAC, a simple straightforward software installation will benefit Kelly College and its students."

About Kelly College
Kelly College is an independent school in Tavistock, Devon, UK, offering coeducational boarding and day education for approximately 350 students from 11 to 19 years of age. Located in a rural setting, Kelly College offers an extensive range of extra-curricular activities as well as clubs and societies in addition to a full curriculum of academic subjects.

About InfoExpress
InfoExpress network security solutions protect enterprise networks and the endpoints connecting to them. The company has provided network access control solutions since 2000. At the core of InfoExpress solution is the award winning Dynamic NAC Software Suite, which ensures endpoints are safe and compliant with security policies by performing real-time audits and quarantining of all network-attached endpoints. InfoExpress products have received numerous awards for innovation. The privately held company in its 10th year of profitability is headquartered in Mountain View, California.


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