Easy-to-deploy, Cost-effective InfoExpress Peer-based NAC Requires No Network Changes and Is Ideal Replacement for Lockdown Enforcer

Mountain View, Calif., November 10, 2008 – InfoExpress, a leading network security solutions provider, announced today that the Rainy River District School Board of Ontario, Canada has selected InfoExpress CyberGatekeeper with Dynamic Network Access Control (DNAC) to protect the school network. A growing number of students and staff want to connect to the school district network, and when Lockdown Networks closed its operations, Rainy River chose the InfoExpress Dynamic NAC solution to control access to the network access via student- and teacher-owned laptops at its 15 schools.

“With Dynamic NAC from InfoExpress, we can protect our network and data from the risks associated with rogues and badly configured computers while providing students, teachers, and administrators access to services that enrich the educational process,” Stephen Danielson, Manager of Information Technology Services, Rainy River District School Board.

The Rainy River District School Board serves a region that is geographically remote: the largest town has approximately 9,000 residents. This increases the demand for high-speed access and positions Rainy River as a technology leader in its community. “In the areas beyond towns, dial-up Internet is still common, so students and teachers want to bring in laptops and download lesson plans and transfer files over our high-speed network rather than waiting hours for downloads at home,” Danielson said. “Access to our network is more of a necessity here than in some school districts, and we need to be forward-thinking to meet that need in a way that also protects the network and data,” he added.

In selecting the Dynamic NAC solution from InfoExpress, the Rainy River Information Technology Services team evaluated a number of alternatives including Tipping Point, Juniper, and Cisco. “We looked for the best ROI for our situation and we wanted scalability—InfoExpress met all of our criteria,” said Danielson.

“Compared to the other solutions we evaluated, Dynamic NAC delivers a number of cost efficiencies,” said William Sixsmith, Network Tech, Rainy River District School Board. “For example, some solutions required us to replace all of our switches with Layer 3. While we may move to Layer 3 eventually, Dynamic NAC ‘plays well’ with the diversity of switches we have now and doesn’t force an immediate upgrade,” Sixsmith noted.

Rainy River’s IT Services team could not afford to focus resources on a long, complicated deployment. InfoExpress Dynamic NAC can be installed quickly and requires no changes to the network, no network engineers, no security experts and no infrastructure upgrades.

In managing access to the Rainy River network, Dynamic NAC will prevent brute force and man-in-the-middle attacks, which may result in password captures, loss of sensitive data and privacy issues. Dynamic NAC’s unique approach prevents ARP-poisoning attacks, including Cain and Abel.

“With Dynamic NAC, Rainy River can ensure that its network and data are safe today, while also preparing for a future when increasing numbers of students and staff want to bring their own laptops and other electronic equipment to school and work,” said Stacey Lum, CEO of InfoExpress.

About Rainy River District School Board
The Rainy River District School Board in the Canadian province of Ontario administers the 15 elementary and secondary schools in Ontario’s Rainy River District. Rainy River takes pride in providing a quality academic program and cites high student-to-computer ratios as just one demonstration of its strong commitment to student achievement. The district covers a large geographic area, and Rainy River bus drivers travel about 4,350 miles each day to bring the approximately 3,300 students to and from school.

About InfoExpress
InfoExpress network security solutions protect enterprise networks and the endpoints connecting to them. The company has provided network access control solutions since 2000. At the core of InfoExpress solution is the award winning Dynamic NAC Software Suite, which ensures endpoints are safe and compliant with security policies by performing real-time audits and quarantining of all network-attached endpoints. InfoExpress products have received numerous awards for innovation. The privately held company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. http://www.infoexpress.com/


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Andrew Miller