Significant Growth at the University and Complexity Issues Sited as Reasons for the Move to CyberGatekeeper NAC Mountain View, Calif., June 15, 2011 – InfoExpress, a leading network security solutions provider, announced today that Sunway University, formerly Sunway College, one of the largest and most modern of any private campuses in all Malaysia, has deployed CyberGatekeeper Network Access Control (NAC). Sunway runs multiple networks on campus for students, for research and another for staff and university administrators. One of the most difficult tasks for the IT department is ensuring that all of those systems are available and run in a secure way. "It's very important to us that our systems comply with our IT policy and that certain applications, like anti-virus software, are installed and running properly," said Siao Yuan Tan, Manager of IT Operations at Sunway. "That's part of the reason why we sought a NAC solution; we wanted to ensure that students are using the university-provided computing facilities and that our staff members are using their official system.” To meet these objectives, Sunway deployed a NAC product several years ago. Unfortunately, poor local support and product complexity issues made it difficult for the implementation to keep pace with the growth and changing needs of the University. Sunway had to seek other potential solutions. "Vendor support was a huge issue. Most of our support cases were not being answered in a timely manner. Many issues simply hung forever with no one getting back to us," Tan explains. "Whenever we had a problem, it required an engineer to come onsite and resolve the issue." After an exhaustive search that included NAC solutions that come bundled with anti-malware providers, and NAC solutions integrated with network equipment providers, Sunway chose InfoExpress and its CyberGatekeeper NAC offering. Despite needing no network changes, CyberGatekeeper performs and protects the infrastructure exactly as Sunway anticipated, and it requires less technical support. Tan appreciates that support is available when it’s needed, and that the company is responsive. "It's been much easier working with InfoExpress and contacting them for help whenever needed," he says. "We are where we wanted to be with our first NAC implementation. We were able to achieve our objectives and it's proven more effective, and manageable. InfoExpress provides much better protection than the previous NAC that we were using." Two of the policy enforcement checks Sunway performs on systems are system patch levels and antivirus software status. "Those are two of the basic checks we are currently conducting. We also are checking for prohibited software and peer-to-peer file sharing software, neither of which we want running in our environment," Tan explained. "Another advantage over our previous NAC product is the fact that InfoExpress actually can see when any of our endpoint antivirus processes fail. The previous product would only detect whether the signature file was updated. That's really not good enough; what if the anti-virus software isn't working? If that process is failing, we want the system blocked from the network until the situation is rectified," he says. To view the entire case study, go to About Sunway University Sunway University, formerly Sunway College, in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, was founded on the vision that exceptional higher education is vital to progress. Last year, the university was awarded a rating of "excellent" in the nation's rating system, placing it in a select group of Malaysian public and private universities. Sunway University stretches across 22 beautiful acres and is fully equipped with academic, hostel, and sports facilities, for its students – making it one of the largest and most modern of any private campuses in all Malaysia. About InfoExpress InfoExpress network security solutions protect enterprise networks and the endpoints connecting to them. The company has provided Network Access Control solutions since 2000. At the core of InfoExpress solution is the award winning CyberGatekeeper Family of Network Access Control products, which ensures endpoints are safe and compliant with security policies by performing real-time audits and quarantining of all network-attached endpoints. InfoExpress products have received numerous awards for innovation. The privately held company has been profitable for 12 consecutive years and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, please visit ### The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Contact: Andrew Miller InfoExpress 707.386.1193 InfoExpress. Copyright © 2011. All Rights Reserved.