CGX from InfoExpress Access Management Platform Relies on Proven NAC Technology to Enhance Productivity and Improve SecurityMountain View, Calif., November 1, 2012 – InfoExpress, an enterprise Network Access Control (NAC) solutions provider for mobile computing and secure Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) networks, announced today the availability of InfoExpress CGX server appliance. The next generation device access management solution provides applications to increase productivity and improve security including BYOD registration, Guest Access, assisting with MDM deployments, and provisioning limited access networks for LAN and WLAN environments. CGX delivers real-time device tracking, policy abuse detection, and user-device correlation. It also provides agentless management for the lowest overhead deployment, and supports agents for deep inspection and control of managed endpoints with support for popular operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Linux. CGX is easy to deploy and manage, powered by InfoExpress’ patented NAC technology that offers the broadest range of enforcement methods on the market. The heart of CGX is its policy management system that enables administrators to easily configure policies that keep track of users and their devices, and react appropriately to security incidents. These actions reduce costs and increase productivity by automating registration processes, remediating devices, alerting administrators, and notifying users of corrective actions. News Facts o CGX is a next generation device access management solution that provides device visibility, deep inspection and control. Specific benefits, include: o Streamline BYOD – CGX provides a self-onboarding process to reduce IT involvement with registration and configuration, and improves security by tracking user devices and enforcing BYOD policy. o Enhance MDM – CGX simplifies mobile device enrollment and adds real-time device management to third-party MDM solutions. o Guest Access – CGX lets sponsors register guests or authorizes guests to create their own accounts. The simplified process gives guests network access while ensuring network security. o Policy Abuse Protection – CGX monitors devices for policy violations and notifies administrators or performs automated actions to restrict the device. Continuous checks include device or account sharing, unusual access patterns, and finding stolen devices. o Device Profiling – CGX automatically profiles devices, identifies OS and device type, and determines the user. The information can be used to control access, flag devices for review, and monitor for access compliance. o Advanced Endpoint Compliance and Enforcement – CGX provides out-of-band and in-band access control and supports multiple enforcement methods, including 802.1x. CGX can perform deep inspection of the device to determine OS version, posture, platform, and automatically remediates non-compliant devices based on policies. o Increased Visibility – CGX analyzes information from various data sources providing a complete picture of the network. o Next Generation Policy Manager – Simple to create, yet powerful policies that include time, user, location, and posture that trigger actions including network access, notification, remediation, and device configuration. o CGX is available as an appliance or as a virtual machine. Both platforms support all features and out-of-band enforcement methods. The appliance has additional support for in-line enforcement. o InfoExpress network security solutions protect enterprise networks and the endpoints connecting to them. The company’s patented Network Access Control solutions have been available since 2002. About InfoExpress InfoExpress network security solutions improve the productivity and security of enterprise networks and the endpoints connecting to them. The company has provided Network Access Control solutions since 2002. The privately held company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, please visit ### The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. CONTACT Andrew Miller on behalf of InfoExpress 707.386.1193 Copyright© 2012 InfoExpress. All Rights Reserved.