Let's face it, the hype around BYOD can be overwhelming at times, with bold claims and suspect promises. So when we hear yet another claim that 2013 will be "The Year of BYOD" it's easy to be skeptical.

We decided to look to the numbers and see if there was any evidence to support this claim. Turns out, the data paints an interesting picture.

According to a study by Samsung and IDG, 90% of IT executives believe BYOD will be a part of everyday life next year, with 85% actively encouraging BYOD adoption today. With current BYOD rollouts estimated at 10-40%, this is clearly going to be a busy year for mobile and personal devices.

What the numbers tell us is that the majority of companies will start 2013 without a strategic BYOD plan, but most intend to end the year with one. It is easy to see that 2013 will be a transitional year for most as they seek to get control of their untamed network of customers, employees, students and contractors.

Tell us what you think - is BYOD on your radar for 2013?